Ship engineering and the industry need diverse fittings for interrupting pipeline connections or for opening and closing passages for gases or liquids.

Common valves, ball valves and butterfly valves are regulating flow rates and currents.

Butterfly valves

The butterfly valve regulates the flow rate through a rotatable disc in the flow area. The flow rate will reach the maximum if the disc lies parallel to the flow direction. By rotating the disc the flow area is reduced. At perpendicular position the passage is completely closed. The check valve works with the same principle.  Several special applications need double check valves.

Check valves

A check valve prevents unwanted back flow of the medium in the opposite direction. Various constructions of check valves are used depending on the requirements of the application. A sleeve check valve fulfills the function of a pipe connection sleeve and check valve at the same time.

Solenoid valves

Solenoid valves are used for installation sites that are difficult to access or when the valve is part of an automatic control. The mechanic action is processed by an electromagnet.

Ball valves

A drilled-through and interlocking ball regulates the throughput of a ball valve. Ball valves are used often because of their simple mechanics. In cases where it is necessary to switch between different paths the 3-way ball valve is used.

Marine valves, Ship fittings and Industrial valves

In the chemical and shipbuilding industry valves are often exposed to aggressive media and have to resist them for years. Various slide gate valves, high-pressure valves and check valves are needed to meet the requirements. It is important that valves are adjusted to local conditions.

Additionally ship fittings have to resist mechanical load caused by swell and vibrations.

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