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We offer our customer the best Hamburg maritime economy products that will help them to grow their business and keep the environment clean and beautiful.

We have the products that will change your business to the best and make number one in your industry.

Hamburg Maritime Products

Our Hamburg Maritime products divided into:

Maritime Product “Pumps”:

Pumps Maritime Hamburg

A pump is a physical contrivance that is utilized to deliver liquids in one location to some other through conduits. Over time, numerous pump designs have developed to meet the differing requirements of Hamburg maritime economy.

Maritime Product “Separators”:

A great separator is actually a pressure ship used for isolating a proper stream into gaseous and liquid components. they might be installed possibly within an onshore control station or perhaps with an offshore system.

Hamburg Maritime Products

Main engines and auxiliary motors:

main engines maritime hamburg

Ruthless steam from your boiler is utilized to operate a vehicle reciprocating engines or perhaps turbines intended for propulsion, and in addition turbo power generators for maritime electric power. Besides steam and additional engines, an average engine space contains various smaller motors, including generator, air compressors, give food to pumps, and gas pushes.

Maritime Product “Mechanical Seal”:

Mechanical Seal Maritime Hamburg

Mechanical Closes in Centrifugal Pumps. Intro. The mechanized seal functions as a check valve and a slider bearing. The apparent function is that of the valve to avoid liquid under great pressure from seeping from the pump or coming from sketching air flow into the pump when below vacuum circumstances.

Maritime Product “Ball Bearing”:

Ball Bearing Maritime Hamburg

In most cases, a bearing is usually a tool that can be used to allow rotating or thready movement, while reducing friction, ling stress and h. Similar to tires, bearings literally allow devices to move, which usually reduces the friction between your surface from the bearing and the top it can rolling more than.

Maritime Product “Coupling”:

A joining is a tool used for connecting two shafts collectively in their ceases for the intended purpose of sending power. Couplings do not normally allow disconnection of shafts during the procedure, however, you will find torque restricting couplings which could slide or perhaps disconnect once some rpm limit is definitely exceeded.

Maritime Product “Electromotors”:

Electromotors Maritime Hamburg

The primary types are actually DC engines and AIR CONDITIONING UNIT motors, the previous increasingly becoming displaced by latter. AIR CONDITIONING UNIT electric power generators are possibly asynchronous or perhaps synchronous. When begun, the asynchronous engine requires synchronism with the shifting magnetic field’s synchronous velocity for all those regular torque circumstances.

Hamburg Maritime Products

Measurement & Control Systems:

The Need for Key Control Systems. To be able to effectively make sure a certain degree of security, any kind of business with valuable property must have an automatic key control system found in a spot to limit which workers get access to structures, vehicles and also other assets


Filters Maritime Hamburg

Purification is utilized to split up particles and liquid within a suspension, where in fact the fluid can easily be considered a water, a gas or a supercritical liquid. With regards to the maritime application, each one or both these styles the components might be isolated.