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European Manufacturers

Asian Manufacturers

Marine pumps and industrial pumps

We are delivering complete pumps and compatible spare parts for the following pump manufacturers worldwide:

European Manufacturers            Asian Manufacturers

Allweiler                                               Taiko Kikai
Imo                                                            Shin Shin
Iron                                                           Naniwa
Sulzer                                                      Teikoku
Kral                                                           Heishin
Desmi                                                      Shinko
Thune Eureka

*manufacturers which are not listed can be found in the category Products -> Pumps

Thanks to our extensively experienced and technically trained personnel we are able to support you whether it is pump technology for ships, power plants, offshore installations or the industry you are looking for. Through reliable long-time relationships to Asian manufacturers we have the possibility to deliver different types of ship pumps or spares directly from the manufacturer to the present or planned berth. Shorter transport routes are saving time and reducing costs substantially.

Ship pumps have an important role as auxiliary units. Cooling water pumps are transporting seawater through the cooling circuits of diesel engines, bilge pumps are removing penetrating water out of the bilge. Steering gears are steered via hydraulic pumps and high-pressure pumps are used in seawater desalination plants.

Different types of pump media like seawater, fuel, oil or foods require as different constructions of pump technology. Depending on minimum required pressure and flow rate, compatible constructions like

Submersible pumps

Side-channel pumps

Centrifugal pumps

Piston pumps

Plunger pumps

Diaphragm pumps

Eccentric screw pumps

Gear pumpsScrew spindle pumps

and many other special pump systems are used. Requirements for waste water pumps, industrial pumps and special food pumps are very high and can only be met by high-quality materials. In most cases it is not necessary to replace the entire pump. Pump components wear variously depending on their application area. Usually it is recommended to have wear parts like:

Mechanical seal



Various ball bearings



and gaskets / seals in stock, in order to fix a worn pump quickly and cost-effectively. Besides complete pumps, we are also supplying suitable spare parts for all our listed trademarks as a matter of course.