Couplings are used to transmit torques between rotating shafts of e.g. the drive engine and other aggregates. Hereby factors like torque, speed and backlash-free precision play a significant role for the traction. The constructions of specific couplings in our product range are as various as the requirements for the modern coupling technology.

Motor coupling
Pump coupling
Ship coupling
Safety clutch
Claw coupling
Magnetic coupling
Curved-tooth coupling
Metal bellows coupling
Gear coupling
Bolt coupling
Compensating coupling
Elastomer coupling
Steel disk coupling

Besides the common requirements of applications there are also applications where the axial play and construction size have to be considered. Today modern solutions are available for nearly every occurring issue.

Rotex GS

Safety clutches protect the important aggregates against overload due too high speeds or unintentional blockades of involved shafts. It is possible to integrate a certain front-to-back-ratio to the traction by using an elastic coupling.

We deliver coupling technology to ships and industry locations worldwide. Ship couplings and pump coupling in industrial plants are subjected to high wear. Longtime global business relations, short distribution channels and direct delivery to locations makes it possible for us to offer our products to advantageous conditions.

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