Measurement & control systems

In order to operate a ship on voyage or an industrial plant efficiently and safely, it is necessary to control and monitor pressures and temperatures of single units permanently. That is the only way to recognize deviations of operating parameters on time to prevent damages to aggregates or issues in the production process.

We guarantee cost-effective and punctual delivery of measuring instruments and control technology in professional quality to all locations worldwide. Inaccurate displays of measurement instruments can be cost intensive. Not only the accuracy of the instruments is important, also the usability and readability of the measurement technology is of major significance. Often the sensor is placed at a location where it is difficult or impossible to read the measured values. Specific sensors can transmit measured values from the manometer to the front panel of the monitoring console. For hygienically sensitive areas in the production of e.g. the food industry it is recommended to use manometers of stainless steel or specific plastic that are simple to clean.
We deliver worldwide, on schedule and cost-effective.

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