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We deliver you spare parts for main engines and auxiliary machines from many international brands cost effectively and on-schedule.

European Manufacturer             Asian Manufacturer

Caterpillar                                            Akasaka Mitsubishi
Deutz-KHD                                          Hanshin
MAK                                                         Daihatsu
MAN B&W                                           Kobe Mitsubishi
MTU MAK                                            Yanmar
Volvo Penta SKL

Modern shipping industry would not be imaginable without high-performing diesel engines. Huge ship engines with several thousands of horsepower are taking care of the propulsion as main engines. Normally these engines are operated by inexpensive heavy fuel oil treated by separators. Besides ship diesel engines additional diesel engines are used as auxiliary machines. Especially for electricity generation, pump or compressor drives.

The requirements for marine diesel engines or industrial engines are very high. Running permanently and economically they also have to be repaired easily. Fallouts are disrupting shipping operations or production processes in the industry substantially and additionally are causing huge costs.

The usage of a diesel engine as a ship’s engine or auxiliary machine depends on many various factors. Four-stroke engines are used in the lower performance range. From a certain point on two-stroke engines are used almost exclusively. Alongside from performance data and structural shape, reliability and global distribution play important roles at choosing the right diesel engine.

The engines of


are in use all over the world a thousand times. Their reliability can be called “legendary” and their spare parts supply is accordingly good.

We guarantee fast and cost-effective delivery of spare parts for diesel engines from all manufacturers to all locations worldwide. Due to our longstanding branch experience, we are a reliable partner for marine and industry.