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Separators are used on ships, in the industry and food production to separate liquids of different density or to separate liquids from solid particles.

We provide complete installations and spare parts for separators from many manufacturers from Europe and Asia.  We deliver on schedule and cost-effectively.

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Due to diesel engines marine separators play an important role for ship engineering. Ships usually use heavy oil as propellant; therefore it is necessary to separate the fuel from dirt particles before it is usable as engine fuel. At least another separator is required for the lubricant circulation system of a large diesel engine. Oil-change intervals, well known from cars, are simply not to realize for ships because of the huge amount of oil and their permanent operation. Instead separators are cleaning the oil in the system continuously. Oil consumed during engine operation is compensated through input of fresh oil.

The industry and food production contain also countless processes where fluid mixtures are separated through centrifugal power. Separators are used as juice extractors in the food production for example. However the industry needs separators for the separation of aggressive liquids. The separation of aggressive liquids and working with higher speeds is a challenging the quality of built-in components of the separator. The structural shapes of separators are as various as their requirements.

Basically one differentiates between following seperators:

Press screw separators
Chamber separators
Nozzle separators
Full jacket separators
Disk separators
Full jacket disk separators

We well understand the importance of separators as auxiliary systems for seamless operations of the complete installation. Thus our team of experts supports you around the clock. Fast and cost-effective delivery to locations all over the world is a matter of course for us.