Mechanical Seal

Mechanical seals, glands and shaft seals are used to seal a rotating shaft among various ambient media. It is more than only liquids that are to be sealed against gases. Different applications require high pressures as well as challenging speeds. When gland packing and common shaft seals are not able to meet the requirements, mechanical seals are used.

The manufacturers

EagleBurgmann and John Crane

are crafting mechanical seals for all conceivable applications.

Advantages of mechanical seals

Contrary to glands or shaft seals, mechanical seals prevent frictions at the shaft and housing. Thus there is hardly abrasion at proper machine parts. Abrasion emerges only at the slide ring and its counter ring. The slide ring is kept under tension in axial direction by different spring mechanisms and the friction-based material losses are balanced until the wear limit. Very special requirements can be met through specific materials and complex constructions.

Smart storage

Shaft seals are typical wear parts. Their operating hours are limited and their regular replacement is part of periodic maintenances. Appropriate storage measures are too often neglected. Therefore we recommend our partners and customers to keep a mechanical seal in reserve to prevent fallouts.

We guarantee fast and cost-effective delivery of mechanical seals, glands and shaft seals to all locations worldwide. We also offer repair of mechanical seals as a service.

Our team consisting of highly qualified workers supports you day and night.

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