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Marine compressors and industrial compressors

Compressors are used to compress gases or gas mixtures. We offer spare parts for compressors and complete installations of considerable manufacturers:

European Manufacturer                         Asian Manufacturer

Sabroe                                                                 Matsubara
Bitzer                                                                   Tanabe
Sperre                                                                  Yanmar
Sauer & Sohn
GEA Bock
Atlas Copco

Requirements for the selection of a suitable compressor are the compressors delivery quantity and operating pressure.

Piston compressors

Piston compressors work with the positive displacement principle. The piston compresses the gas mixture inside a cylinder and presses it through a valve into a pressure vessel.

Piston compressors are suitable for installations where high pressures and relatively low delivery quantities are required.

Rotary compressors

Rotary compressors or screw compressors are used when large amounts of gas with rather low pressure have to be transported.

Cooling and lubrication

Gases heat up through compression so air-cooling is not sufficient anymore at a certain performance. The more an industrial compressor is strained the more important is an effective cooling by water or oil.

Another issue is the lubrication of mechanical assemblies within the compressor. In most applications a low amount of oil in the compressed air is preferable. Thus pneumatic appliances and tool drives are supplied with lubrication. Therefore common pneumatic compressors are usually oil-lubricated. In cases where oil particles must not be in the airflow, air compressors with water lubrication are needed.