Repair and Coating

In the long run, the pump will be strained strongly through the conveying medium.

With our LMS ceramic coating process, the original condition will be established and the refinement protects also from erosion and increases the durability.

The coating will be used for pump impellers and pump housing and is also usable for almos every application.

Includes following operating cycles:

  • sand blasting
  • cleaning and degrease
  • contours, cracks and holes measure and recondition with metal tec
  • two-time polymers ceramic coating complete inside casing
  • two-time corrosion protection coating complete outside casing
  • pressure test
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Mechanical seals

Our product range contains high quality of european and asian

mechanical seals from different manufaturers genuine and

alternative (OEM) mechanical seals for Burgmann, John Crane.

Types of mechanical seals

  • Cartridge seals
  • Component seals
  • Gas-lubricated seals
  • Bearing protector seals
  • Stuffing box
  • Metal below seals
  • Elastomeric bellow seals
  • Conical spring seals